Sleepover Makeover

What’s more fun than a sleepover with the girls? Here are a few tips to make your next slumber party one to remember!

  1. Do some investigation online and pick out a few tutorials with looks you want to try (think smoky eye, cat eye, dewy, highlighting or contouring)
  2. Before the big event, cruise through the makeup aisle and pick up a few inexpensive items recommended in the tutorials (your guests can help with this!)
  3. Set up space in your kitchen or on a dining room table to be your makeup laboratory
  4. Create makeup stations for each of the different looks you want to try so you can each take turns giving it a shot

What do you think about this super girly Sleepover Makeover idea? We want to hear your ideas, too!  Tell us all about it on Facebook or Twitter, and use hashtags #realcaboodles and #caboodles. We’ll respond if you do!

Stay girly, stay gorgeous!

The Caboodles Team